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Commonwealth Day

Commonwealth Day

When is Commonwealth Day 2021?

Commonwealth Day Celebrations

Commonwealth Day is always held every year on the second Monday of March. It observes the Nations Commonwealth, a federation of some countries that used to be part of the British Empire. This date was chosen by the government as there were no existing historical purposes.

Commonwealth Day is not a day mainly celebrated in many areas of Canada. The Proclamation sets fundamental objectives for Commonwealth nations, such as the growth of democracy, human rights, impartiality, and world unity.

History of Commonwealth Day:

In the 19th century, Great Britain ruled a great empire that affected a huge part of the community that is now called Canada. At that time, some strong personalities in Canada had British origins and wanted to dedicate and promote this day for being part of the British Empire. Formerly, Empire Day was commemorated on the last day of schools in Canada.

In 1901, Queen Victoria's birthday served as an annual commemoration of Commonwealth Day after her demise. Sometime later, Empire Day became less significant to Canadians as they developed a separate identity from Great Britain. In 1958, Empire Day was renamed Commonwealth Day to indicate the association differences between Great Britain and its former colonies.

In 1973, Canada proposed to celebrate Commonwealth Day on the same day as other countries. The day was chosen because it had no significant historical purpose, and the request was approved in 1976. Nevertheless, the last Monday before or on 24th May is a public holiday observed in many Canadian provinces and territories as Victoria Day.

Canada is the largest Commonwealth member at approximately 10 million sq. km. The Commonwealth has 53 members worldwide. Some nations have Queens, others have their states head, while some are independent republics.

The theme of the Commonwealth Day in 2020 is 'Delivering a Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming.' The Commonwealth Charter illustrates the theme; it was selected to unite the 53 Commonwealth nations council and the population at many phases via vast and deep grounded systems of friendship and kindheartedness.

Is Commonwealth Day a Statutory holiday in Canada?

Commonwealth Day is not referred to as a public holiday in Canada. Instead, it is a ceremony where almost one billion people observe their mutual bonds and Commonwealth contributions to the nations in producing a pleasant global environment. It is a celebration of dissimilarities of various states, common basis, what they have earned together, and what to accomplish in the future.

What opens or closes on Commonwealth Day in Canada?

All organizations, government offices, banks, stores, malls, and post offices have regular opening hours on this day. Public transport moves as per their typical schedules. Commonwealth Day always comes in the mid-winter break, so maybe schools are closed.

How do Canadians celebrate Commonwealth day?

The Commonwealth unites various countries through culture, sport, historical heritage, political and legal configurations. In Canada, Federal government laws state that the Royal Union Flag or Union Jack must be fluttered along with Canada's National Flag from sunrise to sunset at government establishments, including federal buildings, military headquarters, and airports to celebrate Commonwealth Day.

On Commonwealth Day, the flag-raising procession with a multi-faith ceremony is held at Westminster Abbey in London, England, in which the Commonwealth head conveys a statement to the nation's people that's broadcast on Youtube or the local TV. In addition to government ceremonies, there are gatherings and exhibitions in the esteem of the Commonwealth.

People used the #CommonwealthDay hashtag on social media to mark this day. Hence, you can use it to send messages to your family, friends, and colleagues. Other countries also commemorate Commonwealth Day with assemblies, flag-flown ceremonies, and other programs. On this day, people understand the shared moralities and the strong bonds of friendship and teamwork that unify them.

Commonwealth Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2021 8 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2020 9 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2019 11 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2018 12 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2017 13 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2016 14 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2015 9 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2014 10 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2013 11 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2012 12 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2011 14 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2010 8 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2009 9 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day
2008 10 Mar Mon Commonwealth Day

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March 8, 2021

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Last Year Monday, 9 Mar, 2020
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