When is Easter 2022?

Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday is the most celebrated event across the world. It is also known as Resurrection Sunday. This Christian festival celebrates Jesus Christ's rebirth from the dead and defeat of the evil, as described in the Holy Bible. According to the Bible, Easter occurs after three days of the crucifixion of Jesus.

At Midnight on Easter Eve, most of the Churches start celebrations of Easter Sunday. People worldwide use Candles to begin the Day of Easter. Candles help everyone commemorate that he is the path to light, and his resurrection on Easter Day got rid of the darkness forever.

History of Easter Sunday:

Easter is the day to remember Jesus' resurrection from death. Roman authorities arrested Jesus because he claimed that he is the “Son of God.” Pontius Pilate, the Roman emperor, sentenced Jesus to death by crucifixion. Three days later, his Resurrection marked this occasion as Easter.

This holiday name is derived from a Pre-Christian, Ancient goddess, Eastre or Eostre. The Teutonic tribes worshiped the Pagan goddess of the Spring. Early missionaries adopted the Easter festival and started celebrating as their own. Since the festival comes simultaneously as the Christian's memorial of Jesus' rebirth, they simply substituted the holiday with another. This allowed the converted tribals to continue their tradition, but with changed meaning and purpose.

The actual date of the Easter celebration was never fully established. Some linked it to the Jewish Hebrew calendar's celebration of Passover. In 325 A.D. Emperor Constantine and other churches' leaders decided that the festival would fall after the first full moon on the first Sunday after the spring equinox. However, some of the Eastern Orthodox Churches still celebrate Easter at the end of Passover week.

Is Easter Sunday a statutory holiday in Canada?

Easter Sunday is on Sunday, 4 April 2021. It is not a statutory holiday in Canada. Most of the businesses will follow their regular opening timings in Canada. However, Banks, Post Offices, Government Offices, and many Liquor Stores are closed on Easter Sunday. Garbage pickup services are not opened on this day.

What is open or closes on Easter Sunday in Canada?

Usually, most retailers, attractions, supermarkets, malls, grocery stores take Easter Sunday off. Every federal and provincial office services are closed on this day. There is no mail delivery or pick up; municipal buildings, Libraries, and post offices are not available on Easter Sunday. Public transport services move on limited schedules. But no transport in rural areas.

How do Canadians celebrate Easter Sunday?

The Easter celebration wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny. Both symbols are derived from ancient pagan traditions. Rabbit or Hare was the symbol of the Spring Goddess Eastre's as eggs symbolize rebirth and renewal.

Easter Sunday is a day to celebrate religious rituals. People attend church, get together for family meals, and organize an Easter egg hunt. People adorn Easter eggs, enjoy Easter craft events. Eggs are a considerable symbol during Easter. They imply the promises of resurrection and new life. The decorated Easter egg indicates a Ukrainian Easter egg, named Pysanka, found in Vegreville, Alberta. This Ukrainian egg is designed with gold, silver, and bronze art. Its appearance portrayed essential growth in computer modeling, mathematical theory, architectural configuration, and engineering layout.

On Easter Day, Churches are decorated with blooms that illustrate new life. Every year, The 'Bal en Blanc’s' ceremony fascinates Canadians' in Montreal on Easter Sunday.

Easter Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 1 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2024 31 Mar Sun Easter Sunday
2023 10 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2023 9 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
2022 18 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2022 17 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
2022 5 Apr Tue Easter Monday
2022 4 Apr Mon Easter Sunday
2021 5 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2021 4 Apr Sun Easter Sunday
2020 13 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2020 12 Apr Sun Easter
2019 22 Apr Mon Easter Monday
2019 21 Apr Sun Easter

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