Family Day

Family Day

When is Family Day 2022?

Family Day Celebrations

Every year Family Day is observed on the 3rd Monday of February. The reason to celebrate Family Day is to bring families together to spend time with each other and appreciate the value of togetherness. On this day, people give attention to those who make their lives worthful.

Family day is held at different times in distinct countries of the world, but with the same motives. As we live a hectic lifestyle, this day's purpose is to provide us a fun time from our daily routine's hustle and bustle schedule.

History of Family Day:

Initially, the family day celebration began in Alberta in 1990. The holiday was announced by Lieutenant Governor Helen Hunley, on the recommendation of her premier, Don Getty, after his son was imprisoned for exchanging drugs. This incident motivated him, and he realized how important for Albertans to spend quality time with their family members. This holiday is a way to promote the significance of family moralities.

Saskatchewan started observing Family Day in 2007. It was introduced in 2008 in Ontario. British Columbia celebrated Family Day on the second Monday in February as a public holiday in 2013, and New Brunswick was on the third Monday of Feb in 2018. Other countries also held Family Day to celebrate family time. The first Tuesday of November is Family and Community Day in the Australian Capital Territory.

Is Family Day a Statutory Holiday in Canada?

Family Day is not a nationwide statutory holiday, but it's a provincial statutory holiday in some Canadian provinces. A day off for local Schools, public, businesses, and organizations in the mid of February. Family Day is only celebrated in five regions of Canada: Alberta, Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The same day is celebrated in the other three regions but not called Family Day. In Prince Edward Island, Islander Day is observed on 15th February. Louis Riel Day holiday is celebrated in Manitoba on 3rd Monday of Feb. This day is celebrated in Nova Scotia named Heritage Day.

What opens or closes on Family Day in Canada?

Family Day is not a federal holiday. All federal, postal, and public servants regularly work on this day. Family Day is a typical working day in some Canadian provinces, including Quebec, Newfoundland, Labrador, and the territories. All government organizations in the five regions celebrating Family Day are closed on the 3rd Monday of February.

Suppose Family Day falls on a regular working day, and a worker does not do any work on Family Day. In that case, the government pays him a regular holiday salary, which is at least his average daily salary. But If the holiday comes on a non-regular working day and employers are not allowed a standard holiday wage when they are not working on this day.

Why do people celebrate Family Day?

Family Day is a treasure to enjoy with your family and friends, helping you create magical moments for the entire family. Family Day observes the significance of families and the existence of family life to individuals. Some people participate in fun activities such as attending art exhibitions, watching and enjoying movies, skating, playing board games, and participating in craft events with his/her family. Usually, the weather in February is freezing; people prefer hot chocolate and baked cookies for snacking.

Some families attend public occasions, art galleries, museums and explore the family's history and heritage. Many families utilize this long weekend as a short winter holiday to meet their family members or friends. Some simply prefer a festive meal with family while others can visit a religious place or bring a family on a picnic. Always remember one thing, the family is with you even in your difficult times. This day is the most terrific way to understand the meaning of the family in our lives.

Family Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 19 Feb Mon Family Day (AB, BC, SK, ON)
2024 12 Feb Mon Alberta Family Day
2023 20 Feb Mon Alberta Family Day
2022 21 Feb Mon Family Day (BC)
2022 15 Feb Tue Alberta Family Day
2022 12 Feb Sat Family Day (AB, BC, SK, ON)
2021 15 Feb Mon Family Day (AB, BC, SK, ON)
2020 17 Feb Mon Family Day (AB, BC, SK, ON)
2019 18 Feb Mon Family Day (AB, BC, SK, ON)

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