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When is 2021?

Karva Chauth Celebrations

Karva Chauth is a special festival that honours a woman’s love towards her husband. All Hindu women observe the fasting ritual as a way to seek well being, prosperity and longevity for their husbands. The women who observe this day are referred to as Saubhagyavati, which means the joyous and happy status of wifehood. The holiday is mainly celebrated in the Northern states of India, such as Punjab, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.

When is Karva Chauth?

Karva Chauth is observed on the Kartik month according to the lunisolar calendar of the Hindus. Karva Chauth 2020 will be marked on Thursday, 17th October.

Is Karva Chauth a public holiday?

Karva Chauth is not a public holiday in India, instead, it is a restricted festival. However, employees are allowed to take this as a day off if they select it from the provided optional holidays.

What is open or closed on Karva Chauth?

Government offices, schools, organisations, and most businesses remain open on Karva Chauth. Public transport is also not affected, but you may need to check with local transport authorities, especially if you intend to travel.

Things to do on Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth is an important day for Hindu women, especially in Northern India. The women often wake up early, wear new festive clothes, apply henna and cosmetics, and then commence a long strict fast before the sun rises. The fast period ends in the evening after worshipping the moon. It is a tradition to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Pavarti as the two are a symbol of love and good marriage.

Kavya Chauth is a family affair, and most of the time should be dedicated to your loved ones. You can spend time socializing and sharing some home-cooked meals. Karva Chauth is a chance to give your husband gifts as well as any married daughters that you have.

In some regions, a women-only ceremony is organized in the evenings. The women then wear jewellery and their best clothes, including wedding dresses. The evening is then spent by the women sitting in a circle with their puja thalis (received from an older woman in her family) as they listen to the story of Karva Chauth with pauses of singing.

Unfortunately, virgins and widows should not participate in this ceremony because they have no living husband to honour.


Year Date Day Holiday
2021 24 Nov Wed Karwa Chauth
2020 4 Nov Wed Karwa Chauth
2019 17 Oct Thu Karwa Chauth

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