Labor Day

Labor Day

When is Labor Day 2022?

Labour Day Commemorates

In Canada, Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September. The day basically offered workers the opportunity to campaign for favorable work conditions or salaries. This holiday officially commemorates the movement of workers and labour unions.

Labour Day was an occasion to celebrate the courage and contribution of various labour unions. The day is a celebration of labourers across the world but is also linked with the onset of summer in many countries.

History of labour Day:

The notion of labour Day originated on April 15, 1872, when the Toronto Trades Assembly composed Canada's first notable event for labour privileges. The demonstration was intended to release 24 leaders of the Toronto Typographical Union who were jailed for agitating for a nine-hour workday.

At this moment, labour unions were still illicit, and the striking movement was observed as an unlawful strategy to obstruct the business. Despite this, the Toronto Trades Assembly was already a strong association that inspired workers to establish labour unions and indicated the unfairness of workers.

There was tremendous public support for the parade, and officials could no longer reject the powerful role labour unions had in generating Canadian society. After a few months, the same parade was held in Ottawa and passed in front of Sir John Macdonald House, the first Prime Minister of Canada. Then he came across before the public and assured to abolish all Canadian legislation against labour unions.

Canadian labour unions are satisfied that the day was induced by their struggles to promote workers' privilege. Many countries celebrate labour Day on 1st May.

Is labour Day a statutory holiday in Canada?

Labour Day is a statutory national holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September in Canada. Although the government has been requested to accept May 1 as labour Day, the date of September remains intact.

The primary purpose of keeping the date of September is that the United States of America also celebrated labour Day.

What opens and closes on labour Day?

Almost all museums, zoos, pharmacy stores, supermarkets, aquariums, and food centers remain open on this day. Most LCBO and beer shops are closed; Some outlets may be available if the local municipality permits.

All Banks, government offices, Canada Post offices or services, Amusement parks, and Public Library branches are closed on labour Day.

How do Canadians celebrate labour Day?

On Labour Day, unions arrange some Labour Day parades, campaigns, and picnics; Most Canadians enjoy the last weekend of summer. Families take advantage of this to travel with their children before the end of summer. Some teens and new adults consider it the last weekend for parties before going to school for their new season.

The union society is very active in the organized labor movement, which declares unions and their political followers sometimes organize processions or protests to raise awareness of contemporary issues associating with Canadian working men and women.

Some Canadian residents may be going to a cottage in your country or enjoy the company of family or friends at picnics, fairs, festivals, and fireworks displays. In Canada, the formal event on Labor Day is a Labor Day Classic match that football lovers spend a lot of time watching, and the Canadian Football League, where opponents compete. Its two tournaments are held on Labour Day, and one is played on Sunday.

Labor Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 2 Sep Mon Labour Day
2023 4 Sep Mon Labour Day
2022 6 Sep Tue Labour Day
2022 5 Sep Mon Labour Day
2021 6 Sep Mon Labour Day
2020 7 Sep Mon Labour Day
2019 2 Sep Mon Labour Day

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