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When is 2022?

Passover is an important Jewish holiday and one of the most widely celebrated Jewish holidays, and it usually lasts for eight days in the United States. It is one of the more necessary holidays among Jewish, marking their ancestors to escape from Egypt under the Pharaoh and returning to Israel.

Passover is one of three pilgrimage festivals during which the whole population of the Kingdom of Judah began a journey to the temple in Jerusalem. Many Jewish people spend their Passover time with family members or close friends.

How do People celebrate Passover- the first day?

Many people make a special effort to ensure that older people, poor and lonely people, can participate in the ceremonial food known for seders. They may invite people to their homes or giving them gift baskets. The Passover gift baskets are filled with seder plates and traditional foods and wine.

Is Passover-the first day a federal holiday?

Passover is not a national federal holiday in the United States. Mostly all the organizations, restaurants, businesses, banks, and schools are working on regular schedules. But, some Jewish businesses and organizations may close or reduce the timing of services throughout Passover. Jewish people may also want to take their annual holiday at this time.

Facts related to Passover

  • Traditionally, following Biblical Law, all Orthodox Jews remove all baked bread, cakes, flour-containing products, and flour-derived products from the Jewish household in the weeks before Passover. These products include whiskey, flour, beer, and all patisserie commodities. Any stocks left on the eve of Passover are burned or sold to non-Jews.
  • On Passover, Jews are to consume bread without yeast, baked from flour and water, and cooked within eighteen minutes. The unleavened food signifies that Israelites leave Egypt in such a hurry that they could not even wait for their bread mixture to rise.
  • On the initial day of Passover, it is common to arrange a Seder Night ceremony with family and friends. During this festival, the Haggadah is typically read and sang. The Haggadah includes narrating the story of fleeing of the Israelite workers from Egypt, the reality that their dough mixture could not rise due to the quick exit, blessings over Matzah, and hymns of appreciation and happiness.
  • Traditionally, for Seder, a plate is served to include the following:
    • an egg - signifying the Chaggigah sacrifice
    • a shank bone - symbolizing Passover Lamb
    • saltwater- expressing Israelite slaves' tears
    • a bitter herb- symbolizing the bitterness of enslavement
    • charoset-signifying the cement used in the construction works
    • a vegetable to be dipped in the saltwater
  • The Passovers' first and seventh days are considered festivals in which work is not allowed. The intermediate days of Passover are Chol Hamoed, in which families go on trips and tours or visit friends' houses.


Year Date Day Holiday
2024 22 May Wed Second Passover
2024 30 Apr Tue Passover - Final Day
2024 22 Apr Mon Passover - First Day
2023 5 May Fri Second Passover
2023 13 Apr Thu Passover - Final Day
2023 5 Apr Wed Passover - First Day
2022 15 May Sun Second Passover
2022 23 Apr Sat Passover - Final Day
2022 15 Apr Fri Passover - First Day
2021 26 Apr Mon Second Passover
2021 4 Apr Sun Passover - Final Day
2021 28 Mar Sun Passover - First Day
2020 8 May Fri Second Passover
2020 16 Apr Thu Passover - Final Day
2020 8 Apr Wed Passover - First Day
2019 27 Apr Sat Passover - Final Day
2019 21 Apr Sun Passover - Second Day
2019 20 Apr Sat Passover - First Day

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