Bhai Dooj

Bhai Dooj

When is Bhai Dooj 2022?

Bhai Dooj Celebrations

Bhai Dooj is also reffered to as Bhaubeej, Bhai Tika and in some areas, Bhai Phonta. The Hindu festival celebrates the brother and sister affection. The festival is usually observed during Diwali. According to a legend, Lord Krishna visited his sister after he slayed the demon Narakasura. His sister welcomed him with gifts like flowers, sweets and a holy lamp before marking him with a holy spot on the forehead for protection.

How is Baai Dooj and Raksha Badhan different?

Baai Dooj is very similar to Raksha Badhan since both of them honour the relationship between brothers and sisters. However, they have their differences. Firstly, both of them are observed at different times of the year. Moreover, women usually apply teeka or tilak on their brothers forehead on Baai Dooj while on Raksha Badhan, the sisters tie a sacred thread on their brothers wrist as well as apply tilak on the forehead.

When is Baai Dooj?

Baai Dooj is marked on the second day after the new moon in the Hindu month of Kartika. Normally, it falls on the day after the last day of the Diwali festival. Baai Dooj 2020 will be marked on 16th November.

Is Baai Dooj a public holiday?

BHai Dooj is an optional holiday in most states of India. However, local authorities in certain states often pronounce it as a public holiday. These include the states of: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

What is open or closed on Baai Dooj?

As a restricted holiday in most Indian states and union territories, most operations run normally. Governmet offices, banks, post offices, organisations and most businesses remain open. However, in the states where Baai Dooj is observed as a public holiday, most operations are usually closed to give the public a chance to observe the holiday. If you are planning to use the public transport, you may need to check with the local transport authorities for any changes in the schedules.

Things to do on Baai Dooj

As a brother and sister festival, Baai Dooj is marked with rituals that celebrate the relationship between brothers and sisters. The sisters often host a big feast where their brothers favourite meals are served including Basundi Poori, a type of sweetened and spicy milk porridge.

As a custom, you will need to undertake several rituals that signify your devoted relationship as brother and sister. Firstly, the sister will need to prepare a special seat made of rice flour and make the brother sit on it. Thereafter she will take tiika (a paste of vermillion, dahi and rice) and apply it on her brothers forehead.

Finally, she places flowers of kaddu, betel nuts and leaves and coins in her brothers palm and then pour water on it while chanting mantras. Finally, the sister will tie a Kalawi on the brother’s wrist before the aarti is performed. After this, they can both exchange gifts as they wish each other prosperity in life.

In the state of West Bengal, the sister will be required to fast until the celebration is over. While in Maharashtra, the brothers sit on the floor and their sisters draw a square on the spot as they drink Karith, a bitter fruit. After which the tilak ritual is conducted.

Bhai Dooj Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 3 Nov Sun Bhai Dooj
2023 14 Nov Tue Bhai Dooj
2022 26 Oct Wed Bhai Dooj
2021 6 Nov Sat Bhai Dooj
2020 16 Nov Mon Bhai Dooj
2019 29 Oct Tue Bhai Dooj

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