Good Friday

Good Friday

When is Good Friday 2022?

Good Friday

Good Friday is the day commemorated by Christians when Jesus was crucified, who plays a fundamental role in the Christian religion. There is no particular day for Good Friday, which falls in the christian's holy week two days before Easter Sunday. The Good Friday celebration is known with other names such as Black Friday, Great Friday, and Holy Friday.

History of Good Friday:

Good Friday is the day when Christians observe the death and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is a Christianity notable occasion because it depicts the sacrifices and difficulties of Jesus. The crucifixion was the consummation of many events of the Holy Week, which is the victorious return of Jesus to Jerusalem on the day of Palm Sunday; Jesus washing the feet of the followers; the last meal on Maundy Thursday.

Before this day, Jesus was deceived by Judas Iscariot on Holy Thursday. It is a deception that led to Christ's captivity in the garden of Gethsemane. The troopers carried Jesus to Caiaphas high priests and law teachers who sentenced Jesus to sacrilegious charges.

Hence Jesus was sent to Pontius Pilate for hanging and didn't refute any charges. After knowing the humiliation Jesus felt, Judas was embarrassed and gave back the thirty silver coins that he earned after deceiving Jesus Christ. Then Judas hanged himself on Friday early morning.

The roman governor left his decision to the public on whether they want to crucify Jesus or acquit him. Amazingly, the folk asked to crucify Christ and release another criminal called Barnabas. At last, He crucified Jesus without any choice.

Christians think that his demise has forgiven all their immoralities. Undoubtedly, it is Jesus Christ's sacrifice for humanity that protected him from a penalty from God. Thus Christians dedicate this day to Jesus Christ.

Tenebrae ceremony is always held on this day. It mainly centralizes on scriptures reading that interpret Jesus' captivity, torture, trial, and crucifixion. Tenebrae celebrates on Holy Thursday in the Roman Catholic Church. Another service Tre Ore that operates till 3 p.m., maybe Jesus' death time. It concentrates on Christ's last seven terms based on various gospels that he said before his demise. Per sentence is supported with a short sermon, a scripture, and a hymn.

Is Good Friday a Statutory holiday in Canada?

Good Friday is a public holiday in Canada. Most businesses, organizations, post offices, and schools are closed on this day. But in some provinces, stores are closed or maybe restricted opening timings.

But in Quebec, Good Friday or Easter Monday is partially considered. Schools, organizations, and post offices are closed. Public transport can run on its regular or limited schedule.

How do Canadians celebrate Good Friday?

Mostly members of Christian denominations observe Good Friday with church services, prayers, and fasting. Some Catholics don't consume meat and have a half-day fast on this day. People follow the Good Friday tradition to bake and consume hot cross buns. It's a sweet bread with raisins, other dried fruit, and a cross on its top covered with a sugar frost that denotes the crucifixion.

The most significant symbol of Good Friday is the crucifix or cross. Several crosses hold a Jesus Christ figure. People used the purple, gray, or black cloth to indicate grieving in homes and wrap the cross, portraits, and statues in churches. Some people intentionally remove all flowers and glossy items to establish their homes and churches' bare appearance.

Some Canadians don't follow the Christian faith; Good Friday is a short weekend vacation for them, and they use it to visit family or friends and go for outings with their family.

Good Friday Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 29 Mar Fri Good Friday
2023 7 Apr Fri Good Friday
2023 2 Apr Sun Good Friday
2023 7 Mar Tue Good Friday
2022 15 Apr Fri Good Friday
2022 2 Apr Sat Good Friday
2022 2 Mar Wed Good Friday
2021 2 Apr Fri Good Friday
2021 2 Mar Tue Good Friday
2020 19 Apr Sun Good Friday
2020 10 Apr Fri Good Friday
2020 10 Mar Tue Good Friday
2019 19 Apr Fri Good Friday

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