Boxing Day

Boxing Day

When is Boxing Day 2022?

Boxing Day Tradition

A day after Christmas Day is celebrated as Boxing Day on December 26, also known as Shopping Day. Traditionally, Boxing Day is when everyone would give Christmas presents or gifts to enjoy this season.

In Canada, December 26 is considered a day for the sale or discount of shopping deals, like Black Friday in the United States. Most stores open early on this day, and the discount rate increases on products ranging from clothes to appliances. Recently, some stores have started their sales before Christmas, aiming to get more profit from customers.

History of Boxing Day:

The advent of Boxing Day celebrations is not still apparent. Property landlords will introduce practical items such as agricultural equipment, food, and clothing, who worked on their land from prior years. These commodities were frequently gifted a day after Christmas Day. Formerly, wealthy people offered food or money to their servants in a small package on Boxing Day. In Canada, some people still present those who assist or service them.

It is thought that Boxing Day was celebrated for the first time in England in the mid-nineteenth century during the period of Queen Victoria. This celebration is the day for upper-class families to offer gifts to the lower-class society. The Priests unlock the donation boxes of churches for charities and dispense them to the needy.

Boxing Day is related to an aquatic tradition, charity, and holiday gifts. Boxing Day is synonymous with Black Friday, a day after Thanksgiving in the US.

Is Boxing Day a Statutory Holiday in Canada?

Boxing Day is a provincial statutory holiday only in Ontario, but it's not a statutory holiday in Canada's other provinces and territories. Except for the federal office, if there is a day off for employees, employees' salary is dependent on the office's location.

What opens or closes on Boxing Day in Canada?

Almost all federal organizations such as government offices, banks, and post offices are closed on this day. However, shopping malls or stores are open as they offer sales or discount deals to their customers. All schools remain closed because Boxing Day comes after the Christmas holiday. Public transit services may operate on a regular schedule or limited or may not be available.

How do Canadians celebrate Boxing Day?

In Canada, most Canadians take a break from their work to visit shops or malls for shopping on Boxing Day's for annual sales. On a boxing day, stores open earlier than regular times. The discount deal remains for a week from Christmas to New Year's Eve and is called Boxing Week Sales. In some specific provinces, malls or shops are not available for any sale on Boxing Day. Instead, sales in these areas begin after Christmas on December 27.

Canadians like to watch their favorite sports programs on television on Boxing Day, and enjoying them is a favorite pastime. The International Ice Hockey Federation of World Junior Hockey Championships always begins on December 26. The Canadian national team often plays adequately at the championship. The Spengler Cup ice hockey tournament in Davos, Switzerland, is also broadcasted on sports television channels. In recent years, Canada's national men's team has played well in this tournament. Horse Racing and Ice Hockey are the other sports that are generally played on Boxing Day.

Boxing Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 26 Dec Thu Boxing Day (Many regions)
2023 26 Dec Tue Boxing Day (Many regions)
2022 28 Dec Wed Boxing Day
2022 27 Dec Tue Boxing Day
2022 26 Dec Mon Boxing Day (Many regions)
2022 25 Dec Sun Boxing Day
2021 28 Dec Tue Boxing Day
2021 26 Dec Sun Boxing Day (Many regions)
2021 25 Dec Sat Boxing Day
2020 28 Dec Mon Boxing Day
2020 26 Dec Sat Boxing Day (Many regions)
2019 26 Dec Thu Boxing Day (Many regions)

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