Native American Heritage Day

Native American Heritage Day

When is Native American Heritage Day 2024?

Native American Heritage Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2023 7 Aug Mon Heritage Day (AB)
2023 2 Aug Wed Heritage Day
2023 24 Feb Fri Heritage Day (YT)
2023 20 Feb Mon Nova Scotia Heritage Day
2022 2 Aug Tue Heritage Day
2022 1 Aug Mon Heritage Day (AB)
2022 21 Feb Mon Heritage Day (NS)
2022 18 Feb Fri Heritage Day (YT)
2022 15 Feb Tue Nova Scotia Heritage Day
2021 2 Aug Mon Heritage Day
2021 15 Feb Mon Nova Scotia Heritage Day
2020 3 Aug Mon Heritage Day
2020 17 Feb Mon Nova Scotia Heritage Day

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Native American Heritage Day Facts



February 19, 2024

Quick Schedules

This Year Monday, 20 Feb, 2023
Next Year Monday, 19 Feb, 2024
Last Year Tuesday, 15 Feb, 2022
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