When is Christmas 2022?

Christmas Celebrations

Christmas is celebrated around the world on 25 December as the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians and non-Christians around the world celebrate this secular family holiday.

People of many different cultural backgrounds and religions live in Canada. Due to this, there are various Christmas traditions in Canada. Most ceremonies and rituals came from English, Irish, French, Scottish, Norwegian, German, Ukrainian, and native. Canadian people send Christmas greetings to their family and friends.

History of Christmas Day:

In the earlier time, The main holiday for the Christians was Easter. In the fourth century, the church officials have decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as a holiday. Unfortunately, there was significantly less information available about the early life of Jesus, and even no birth date is mentioned in the Holy Bible. Though some of the early evidence suggests that Jesus may have been born in the spring season, Pope Julius I had chosen the date of December 25. It is believed that the church officials decided this date to make an effort to adopt and absorb the culture and traditions of the Pagan Saturnalia festival.

Christmas celebration also revolves around St. Nicholas, known as the Father of Christmas, globally known as a famous character Santa Claus who brings presents, toys, and candy on Christmas Eve for well-behaved girls and boys, and nothing for naughty children.

The history of the Father of Christmas commenced with Saint Nicholas, a bishop living in Myra, Asia Minor, now acknowledged as Turkey. A kind-hearted person who adores children and always helps the poor and needy.

Legend states that Saint Nicholas once threw down a bag full of gold to help a poor man unable to give a dowry for his daughter's wedding. The bag got stuck in a stocking, which was left to dry by a chimney.

He again dropped a bag full of gold for his second daughter. When the father found who's mystery giver was, St. Nicholas pleaded with the man not to reveal his identity.

As the years passed, Nicholas's popularity began to spread, and people began to call him the protector of children or Christmas Father. After that, when someone received a mysterious gift, everyone always thought that it could be from St. Nicholas or Santa Claus.

Is Christmas Day a statutory holiday in Canada?

Christmas Day is a public holiday in Canada. It is celebrated nationwide, and workers have paid holidays. If a festival falls on a non-working day, the preceding Friday or the next Monday will be marked as a holiday.

What opens or closes on Christmas Day in Canada?

All Administrative Offices, Health clinics, Public health, Banks, Canada Post offices, Grocery stores, LCBO stores, Beer stores, Libraries, Housing Service office, Hamilton Market will be closed on Christmas Day. Only the most conceivable stores and restaurants for pickup or delivery are open. There will be no garbage collection on this day. All public transit services will be moving on the holiday schedule.

How do people celebrate Christmas Day?

People all over the world celebrate this special occasion. Children receive gifts from friends, family, and Santa Claus. Festive activities include singing Christmas songs, greeting Christmas, going to parties. Most Canadians like to open their gifts on Christmas Eve. Others choose just to open stockings or a gift, then save the rest for Christmas Day. Canadians prefer to decorate their homes with lights, Christmas trees, and other decorations. Children often hang stockings from the chimney and wait for Santa to arrive.

Parade is held in most major Canadian cities in November.

Christmas Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 25 Dec Wed Christmas Day
2024 24 Dec Tue Christmas Eve
2023 25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
2023 24 Dec Sun Christmas Eve
2022 27 Dec Tue Christmas Day
2022 26 Dec Mon Christmas Day
2022 25 Dec Sun Christmas Day
2022 24 Dec Sat Christmas Eve
2021 27 Dec Mon Christmas Day
2021 25 Dec Sat Christmas Day
2021 24 Dec Fri Christmas Eve
2020 25 Dec Fri Christmas Day
2020 24 Dec Thu Christmas Eve
2019 26 Dec Thu Christmas Holiday
2019 25 Dec Wed Christmas Day
2019 24 Dec Tue Christmas Eve

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