May Day

May Day

When is May Day 2022?

International Labour Day

Labour Day is observed across India to celebrate the achievements of labour unions and the hard work of various workers and working classes. Also called May Day, the holiday dates back in the 19th century when workers in the United States of America held protests against draconian labour laws, poor working conditions, and violations of workers' rights. In India, it is marked as Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din.

When is labour day?

Labour Day is observed every year on the 1st of May year. This is the same time Maharashtra Day and Gujrat Day are celebrated. The holiday is marked in most Indian states and union territories. In India, Labour Day was observed in the year 1923 for the very first time. The celebrations were organized by Labour Kisan Party in Chennai at Triplicane Beach and the beach in Madras High Court.

Is Labour Day a Public Holiday?

Labour Day is a public Day in India. However, the holiday is not celebrated in all the territories.

What is closed or open on Labour Day?

Although a public holiday, some businesses remain open. The government offices, schools, and many organisations, however, close their operations on Labour Day. If you intend to travel, it would be advisable to check with the local transport authorities for any changes in the transit timetable.

Things to do on Labour Day?

Labour day is all about celebrating over 500 million hardworking workers, employees, and employers who contribute to our country's economy. It's also a time to demand better working conditions for the workers.

In most states, there are speeches by political leaders to celebrate labour day. There are also organized street parades and demonstrations meant to appreciate employees and accomplishments made by trade unions. You may purpose on attending such parades since this is an opportunity to learn about your responsibilities as an employer and how to safeguard your interests and rights as a worker.

Organized children contests geared towards helping the young minds understand the bond of togetherness are also common on this day. This way, the children grow up with a clear understanding of the strength of unity, which is the key to most of the labour day processions.

Labour day is also an excellent time to go shopping. Many retail outlets and stores often offer labor day sales and special offers to allow people to go shopping for their family and friends.

May Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 1 May Wed Labor Day
2023 1 May Mon Labor Day
2022 1 May Sun Labor Day
2021 1 May Sat Labor Day
2020 1 May Fri Labor Day
2019 1 May Wed Labor Day

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May 1, 2022

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