Civic / Provincial Day

Civic / Provincial Day

When is Civic / Provincial Day 2022?

Civic Holiday

Civic Day is a holiday on the first Monday of August in various provinces and territories of Canada. It is observed by distinct names in several Canadian areas, such as Provincial Day, Natal Day, August Holiday, or with other local names in a particular region.

History of Civic Day:

Civic Day is dedicated to memorizing the beliefs, cultures, and history of a specific province. People are still unfamiliar with the actual history of this day. But the purpose of celebrating this day is varied in each region. In Alberta, this day is marked as Heritage Day to commemorate the local heritage of the city and Albertans.

Similarly, in Toronto, the day is dedicated to remembering the first lieutenant governor of the province, John Graves Simcoe, and the day is considered as Simcoe Day. Also, the day has been set in Ottawa as Colonel By Day in remembrance of Colonel John By. He is the one who built the Rideau Hall and is also credited with establishing Ottawa city.

The observance of the day began in other Canadian provinces in 1869 when the Toronto City Council first announced it as a Recreation Day. But still, some regions of the nation celebrate this day in the first week of August instead of the first Monday.

Some regions include their names like British Columbia Day, New Brunswick Day, and Saskatchewan Day. In Quebec, this holiday is held on June 24, named St. Jean Baptiste Day. The third Monday of August is known as Discovery Day in the Yukon Territory. It marks gold discovery in 1896 and the beginning of the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon.

Is Civic Day a statutory holiday in Canada?

The first Monday of August is a public holiday in all the Canadian provinces except Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario, and the Yukon. The list below describes what the name of Civic Day in the Canadian provinces is:

  • Ontario: Civic Holiday
  • Toronto: Simcoe Day
  • Ottawa: Colonel By Day
  • Hamilton: George Hamilton Day
  • Brantford: Founders’ Day
  • British Columbia: British Columbia Day
  • Alberta: Heritage Day
  • Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan Day
  • Manitoba: Terry Fox Day
  • QuĂ©bec: No holiday
  • New Brunswick: New Brunswick Day
  • Nova Scotia: Natal Day
  • Nunavut: Civic Holiday
  • Prince Edward Island: No holiday
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: Not a provincial holiday
  • Northwest Territories: Civic Day
  • Yukon Territory: No holiday but celebrate Discovery Day on August's third Monday

What opens or closes on Civic Day?

Almost all businesses are open on the first Monday of August. All grocery stores, malls, and supermarket stores are open on Civic Day, but opening timings will differ as per the location. However, all banks, libraries, liquor stores, and most beer stores remain closed. All government offices and many government services are unavailable on this day. Transit services will run on a holiday service schedule. In some provinces, it's a regular working day.

How do Canadians celebrate Civic Day?

On this day, you wouldn't find the festive atmosphere in the country like Canada Day, but small events take place across the country. This long weekend of August allows many Canadians to hang out at campsites, beaches, or bustling areas.

In Alberta, Albertans can travel to Fort Calgary to celebrate Heritage Day and take a walk on Heritage Gardens, participate in many activities such as the Mountain Uniform Try-On Session, Kids Craft events, and enjoy food or games with their family.

In British Columbia, there are various choices for taking pleasure in the August long weekend, including the White Rock Sea Festival, Harmony Arts Festival, Squamish Days Loggers Sports Festival, and a grand fireworks display.

Some provinces may not officially celebrate Civic Day on the first Monday of August, but they organize their provincial festivities.

Civic / Provincial Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 5 Aug Mon Civic Holiday (Many regions)
2023 7 Aug Mon Civic Holiday (Many regions)
2023 1 Aug Tue Civic Holiday (Many regions)
2022 2 Aug Tue Civic Holiday
2022 1 Aug Mon Civic Holiday (Many regions)
2021 2 Aug Mon Civic Holiday (Many regions)
2020 3 Aug Mon Civic Holiday (Many regions)
2019 5 Aug Mon Civic Holiday (Many regions)

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