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St Patricks Day

St Patricks Day

When is St Patricks Day 2021?

St Patricks Day Prade

The Feast of Saint Patrick, which is known as St. Patrick's Day as is a cultural and religious festival celebrated every year on 17 March. It's the actual death date of Saint Patrick, who's the first patron saint of Ireland. This day is held to honor Irish St. Patrick, who helped the Irish to adapt to Christianity.

Celebrations mainly include public parades and festivals. Most people wear green attire as the shamrock color in the world. This public holiday is celebrated worldwide with shamrocks, leprechauns, and green color.

History of St. Patrick's Day:

St Patrick's Day is the feast day and death anniversary of an Irish priest known as Patrick. He was a British-born saint and carried him to Ireland as a slave. He came to be very religious during this time and went back to his family. He is one of the three patron priests of Ireland. The other saints of Ireland are St. Brigid of Kildare and St. Columba.

This day reminds St Patrick, who played an essential role in transforming various Ireland citizens to Christianity in the 5th century. His feast day also observed Irish culture, traditions, and heritage. Irish migrants carried this day's celebration to Canada. They used the shamrock to describe the Holy Trinity to the non-Christian community.

The most used symbols on St Patrick's Day are green color, orange color, and the three-leaf shamrock. The shamrock is the clover plant's leaf, a sign to bring good luck and an Irish Catholic emblem of the Holy Trinity. It's a souvenir and trademark of the Republic of Ireland.

Is St. Patrick's Day a statutory holiday in Canada?

St. Patrick's Day is a provincial public holiday in some provinces of Canada. In other regions of Canada, it's a regular working day. All Schools, institutions, financial organizations, firms, shops, banks, and post offices are open in other Canadian areas.

What opens or closes on St.Patrick's Day in Canada?

St Patrick's Day is a statutory holiday only in two provinces (Newfoundland and Labrador) of Canada. The provincial government observes St. Patrick's Day, but all organizations, all transport services, post offices, stores, schools, businesses are running as usual.

How do Canadians celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

On a large-scale, St. Patrick's Day parades are held primarily in Toronto and Montreal. The parade ceremony in Montreal has been marked every year since 1824. Although, the celebration of St. Patrick's Day was recorded in 1759 by Irish soldiers who served with the British Army in North America. Some areas have Irish cultural festivities. The Manitoba Irish Association arranges a three-day celebration of Irish culture on the week of St. Patrick's Day.

People of the Christian faith go to churches, and historically drinking was raised for the day, which promoted the holiday's belief of alcohol consumption.

Irish background people enjoy Irish culture on this day, host Irish-themed parties, and serve Irish meals, including roasted leg of lamb, carrots, parsnips, peas, Colcannon, or Irish stew.

Modern parties have become popular worldwide. All guests wear green outfits, and green drinks or meals are served. People also try the Irish custom of soaking the shamrock. People put a shamrock in a cup and filled it with whiskey, cider, or beer. After the toast, they drink it. This ritual is done at the celebration's end.

In Toronto, people go to the annual parade, attend the shamrock and sneakers fun run, also visit the St. Michael’s Cathedral to attend the St. Patrick’s Day Mass, go for the party in an Irish pub and drink a green beer.

St Patricks Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2021 17 Mar Wed St. Patrick's Day
2020 17 Mar Tue St. Patrick's Day
2019 17 Mar Sun St. Patrick's Day
2018 17 Mar Sat St. Patrick's Day
2017 17 Mar Fri St. Patrick's Day
2016 17 Mar Thu St. Patrick's Day
2015 17 Mar Tue St. Patrick's Day
2014 17 Mar Mon St. Patrick's Day
2013 17 Mar Sun St. Patrick's Day
2012 17 Mar Sat St. Patrick's Day
2011 17 Mar Thu St. Patrick's Day
2010 17 Mar Wed St. Patrick's Day
2009 17 Mar Tue St. Patrick's Day
2008 17 Mar Mon St. Patrick's Day

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March 17, 2021

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