Nirvana Day

Nirvana Day

When is Nirvana Day 2022?

Parinirvana Day is a Buddhist holiday celebrated in commemoration of Buddha's death. This day is also known as Nirvana Day. It celebrates because it believed that Buddha's death should be marked as he reached enlightenment and had finally reached the stage of Nirvana. Many festivals celebrate on this day, symbolize the end of the cycle of death and rebirth.

While most Buddhists celebrate this holiday on the 15th of February, some people start feasting on the 8th of February.

When Buddha achived Nirvana

The Buddha achieved Nirvana when he came to know the Four Noble Truths. These are:

  • Life involves suffering
  • Suffering is due to having wishes
  • Overcoming Desire Can End Pain
  • Follow Eightfold path, is the way to end suffering

The Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path often represented as a wheel, known as the Wheel of Dharma. 'Dharma' is an old Sanskrit word used to refer to the teachings of the Buddha.

How do people Celebrate Nirvana Day?

Different people celebrate Nirvana Divas in different ways. Some people reserve their day in deep meditation and reading quotations from the Parinibanna Sutta. It is a particularly important time for Buddhists to reflect on the incompleteness of life and their inevitable death. Others use the day to go on pilgrimage. These people head to various Buddhist temples, also known as stupas. These include The Rambhar Stupa, Wat Thai Temple, or Nirvana Stupa. This festival celebrates all over the world to honor the life and death of Buddha.

In the monasteries, Nirvana Day considered a social occasion. They prepare food, and some people bring gifts such as money, household items, or clothes.

Nirvana Day Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 15 Feb Thu Nirvana Day
2023 15 Feb Wed Nirvana Day
2022 15 Feb Tue Nirvana Day
2021 8 Feb Mon Nirvana Day
2020 8 Feb Sat Nirvana Day
2019 8 Feb Fri Nirvana Day

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Nirvana Day Facts



February 15, 2022

Quick Schedules

This Year Thursday, 15 Feb, 2024
Last Year Wednesday, 15 Feb, 2023
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