Yom Hashoah

Yom Hashoah

When is Yom Hashoah 2022?

Yom HaShoah is also recognized as Holocaust Memorial Day and a remembrance day to honor the six million Jewish people who died during the Holocaust. It is celebrated on the 27th day of the Hebrew month Nisan- which occurs around April or May in the Gregorian calendar. However, if the 27th day or so is near the Jewish Sabbath, then it can be moved a day.

In the United States, many Jewish people celebrate Yom Hashoah, which is also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day. It remembers the lives and bravery of Jews who died in the Holocaust between 1933 and 1945.

How do People celebrate Yom Hashoah?

In the United States, many people, including those with Jewish ancestry or relationships, recognize Yom Hashoah on the 27th day of the Nisan month. Many Jewish societies hold observing ceremonies or functions to commemorate Holocaust victims killed during World War II. Activities may involve lighting memorial candles and reciting the Kaddish prayer for the departed.

The Masorti movement in Israel planned Megilat HaShoah, a scroll and liturgical reading for Yom HaShoah. It is a joint effort between Israel and Jewish leaders in the United States. Rituals correlated with Yom Hashoah are still being created and suggested. These rituals differ from one synagogue to another in North America.

Educational events about historical events related to Yom Hashoah are explained around this point of the year, mainly to learners who are studying Jewish history. These programs may include Holocaust survivor stories as well as a Holocaust-themed film.

Is Yom Hashoah a public holiday?

Yom Hashoah is not a national public holiday in the United States. All the businesses, organizations, schools, banks, and stores remain open on this day. The custom of Yom Hashoah moves in the state of Israel when the actual date comes on a Friday or Sunday. It is then commemorated on the previous Thursday or following Monday, respectively. Some societies in the US also follow the same tradition, and therefore, they may have some discrepancy about the actual date Yom Hashoah is observed in America.

Facts related to Holocaust Remembrance Day

  • The date of Yom Hashoah was initially planned to celebrate the Warsaw Uprising (19 April 1943) but was postponed until 27 April due to a clash with the Passover festival that began the following day.
  • Unlike an ancient Jewish festival, Yom Hashoah is an Israeli festival. Yom Hashoa was inaugurated sixty years ago in 1953. It was founded by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion and President Isaac (Yitzchak) Ben Zvi. The ancient fast of a tenth of the Tevet is the day on which Jerusalem siege began before the destruction of the holy temple. Many Jews commemorate the Holocaust remembrance day on this day.
  • On the night of Yom Hashoah, a siren is played, followed by an official memorial service to the Prime Minister, the President, army officials, and Holocaust survivors in Israel, The ceremony includes speeches, Kashish and El Male Rahim, and Hatikvah. Other sirens and various memorial services listen in the morning.

Yom Hashoah Observances

Year Date Day Holiday
2024 18 Apr Thu Yom Hashoah
2023 18 Apr Tue Yom Hashoah
2022 27 Apr Wed Yom Hashoah
2021 8 Apr Thu Yom Hashoah
2020 21 Apr Tue Yom Hashoah
2019 2 May Thu Yom Hashoah

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