2023 Quebec Holidays

2023 Quebec Holidays


Good Friday
Good Friday

Good Friday is the day commemorated by Christians when Jesus was crucified, who plays a fundamental role in the Christian.....

Patriots National Day
Patriots National Day

Patriots National Day in 2023 is on the Wednesday, 24th of May (24/05/2023)

National Holiday
National Holiday

National Holiday in 2023 is on the Saturday, 24th of June (24/06/2023)


Year Date Day Holiday
2023 1 Jan Sun New Years Day
2023 7 Apr Fri Good Friday
2023 24 May Wed Patriots National Day
2023 24 Jun Sat National Holiday
2023 1 Jul Sat Canada Day
2023 4 Sep Mon Labor Day
2023 9 Oct Mon Thanksgiving Day
2023 25 Dec Mon Christmas Day
2024 1 Jan Mon New Years Day

2023 Quebec Holidays Information:

CalendarHolidays provides you with a list of 2023 statutory holidays in Quebec that are distinct from national holidays observed across Canada. Quebec has the second-largest administrative department after Nunavut and has an enormous area throughout Canada. The second highest population was found in Quebec. Its capital is Quebec City, where most citizens live. Many establishments demonstrate Quebec's architectural heritage, such as religious monuments, city halls, large estates, and other locations.

Its name originates from the Algonquin or Ojibwe language, which denotes that "where the river flows" is basically the area around Quebec City where the St. Lawrence River meets at a rock-lined trench. The 37th ranked, the largest economy of the world is found in Quebec. The prominent industries in Quebec are software, multimedia, Information Technology, and Aerospace. The two main agri-food sectors, such as meat and dairy products, play a significant role in Quebec's economic growth.

It is more likely that people are more willing to know about their province Quebec's statutory holidays than holidays from the other areas. All holidays are described with real facts about the specific festival to understand how and why people celebrate the holiday. There are five federal statutory holidays and three provincial statutory holidays in Quebec. Some specific holidays are only observed in Quebec, such as Construction Holiday celebrates in the last two weeks of July and December for the Christmas vacations. Originally, it refers only to the construction industry workers, and other Quebecers can take their day off during this time.

These online calendars display all Quebec holidays, festivals, and other celebrations to make your planning easier. You can use our 2023 Quebec holiday calendar and customize it to your needs. Download it in a printable online format, including Word, Excel, PDF.